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hearing loss: Sensitivity and Specificity


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Associated Diagnoses:


35% sensitive, 80% specific


67% sensitive, 79% specific

Cardiac Tamponade

25% sensitive

Septic Arthritis

46% sensitive, 31% specific


42% sensitive, 91% specific

Bacterial Meningitis

85% sensitive

Bacterial Meningitis

2% sensitive, 97% specific

Small Bowel Obstruction

Accuracy not specified

Acute Pancreatitis

60% sensitive

erythema multiforme

Accuracy not specified

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

47% sensitive, 64% specific

Acute Streptococcal Pharyngitis

20% sensitive, 93% specific

Acute Otitis Media

40% sensitive, 48% specific

Acute Bacterial Rhinositis

Accuracy not specified


47% sensitive, 64% specific

Typhoid Fever

90% sensitive

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

49.4% sensitive, 58.8% specific

Acute Sinusitis

45% sensitive, 51% specific

cerumen impaction

Accuracy not specified