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Thyroid Carcinoma: Sensitivity and Specificity

Introduction: Note that some of the findings below are listed for nodules and others for actual cancer.

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Population / CalculatorPrevalence Comments / Study / Link
Thyroid nodules in the general population 67% by ultrasound

Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1838-40. PMID: 8053752

Carcinoma in thyroid nodules 5% note: in this study there was a huge difference in malignancy risk based on nodules discovered incidentally on ultrasound (17%) versus ultrasound studies done for non-incidental reasons (3%)

J Ultrasound Med. 2005 May;24(5):629-34. PMID: 15840794

More, Edit...

The sensitivity and specificity of findings for Thyroid Carcinoma are listed below. See the left navigation bar to change the display.

Specific Findings

Finding SensitivitySpecificity Comments, Study
Palpation Edit 31%100%

for a nodule or nodules, compared to ultrasound

Study: Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1838-40. PMID: 8053752

FNA Edit 66%93%

for carcinoma as diagnosed by thyroidectomy

note that this sensitivity (and specificity) is an estimate since only 25% of FNA negative patients got thyroidectomy

Study: Ann Surg. 2007 Nov;246(5):714-20. PMID: 17968160

Poorly Diagnostic Findings

Finding SensitivitySpecificity Comments, Study
Solitary Nodule Edit 58%59%

by ultrasound, for a diagnosis of carcinoma

Study: Surgery. 2007 Dec;142(6):851-7. PMID: 18063067