SignOut is a Java application based patient hand-off ('sign out') tool for residents to use. It only requires Java 1.5 and a shared network drive to host. (In fact, it could also be run on a local machine, but that would defeat the purpose of it being accessible across a hospital.)

(As a brief introduction, I initially considered two existing solutions to the Sign Out problem: the first is Microsoft Word (or Excel) editing a document on a shared drive. Unfortunately, these programs do not allow for concurrent editing. This is prohibitive if multiple interns need to contribute to the signout at the same time. The second solution I considered was Google Docs. This does allow for concurrent editing in a collaborative way, and it is also secured through HTTPS. Unfortunately, from what I found online, it is not HIPAA compliant because apparently Google employees or servers can access the data.)

Thus, I decided to develop my own solution to the problem. I came up with the idea of a Java application on the local machine editing a file in the medicine shared drive - sort of a compromise between the different ideas above. Being an applet, one can run it by double clicking the associated _local_ JAR file and does not require any installation. There is no data security problem as all of the data is stored/transmitted across the intranet to the shared drive, where it is stored. Thus, all of the operations are happening on a computer requiring a login to get to the shared drive and thus application and data. The application is designed to allow concurrent editing by different users (on different patients, obviously), then merging the results.

Download the (self-executable) JAR file.

Instructions: In order to use it, you need the JAR (application) file in a dedicated folder on the shared drive. The application will save the signout (as 'signout.txt') in the folder where it is stored. Thus, one copy of the JAR file would be provided for each team's signout. In order to use the applet, you double-click the JAR. You can add or delete patients and edit their name, MRN, signout, etc in the text fields on the right. All changes must be saved with the Save button. Refresh reverts to the old version - or loads any concurrent changes by other users. Once the signout is ready, it can be printed with the Print button.

Other features:

SignOut is Copyright 2011 Mark Hammer. All rights reserved. Note that I do not assume any liability for loss of information, harm to person, patient, or computer hardware/software/network, or any other damages caused by use or misuse of this software. I make no guarantees of data integrity or security, or even that the software will be fit for a particular purpose. This software has not been evaluated or approved by HIPAA or the FDA. Residents and physicians are encouraged to employ multiply redundant systems for communication of vital patient information and to be mindful of HIPAA regulations regarding patient confidentiality.