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Nugent Criteria: Sensitivity and Specificity

Introduction: None written. Excerpt from the entry in Bacterial Vaginosis:
on Gram stain, Gardnerella and/or Mobiluncus predominate with few or no Lactobacilli

The Nugent method is a standardized point scoring system (scores from 0 to 10) based on the presence of three bacterial morphotypes: large gram-positive rods (Lactobacillus spp.), small gram-negative or gram-variable coccobacilli (Gardnerella and anaerobic spp.), and curved gram-variable rods (Mobiluncus spp.) (16). A Nugent score (NS) of 0 to 3 is classified as the presence of normal flora, an NS of 4 to 6 is classified as the presence of an intermediate increase in flora (intermediate flora), and an NS of 7 to 10 is classified as BV.

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Associated Diagnoses:

Bacterial Vaginosis

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