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Elevated Serum Lipase: Sensitivity and Specificity

Introduction: None written. Excerpt from the entry in Acute Pancreatitis:
>3x upper limit of normal.

More than 2/3 of patients with acute pancreatitis with normal amylase will have elevated lipase. Lipase rises within 4-8 hours and remains elevated for 8-14 days.

Note that lesser elevations of lipase in the context of nonspecific abdominal pain usually do not represent pancreatitis, with ~80% of patients having completely normal imaging (PMID 12522473). Also note that lipase may be elevated in other conditions such as hepatitis C, IBD, DKA, and renal failure (PMID 15653954).

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Associated Diagnoses:

Acute Pancreatitis

100% sensitive, 99% specific

Acute Pancreatitis

100% sensitive, 99% specific