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Specific Findings

Poorly Diagnostic Findings

Serious Bacterial Infection: Sensitivity and Specificity

Introduction: None written.

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Population / CalculatorPrevalence Comments / Study / Link
Children presenting with fever 20% J Pediatr. 2008 Oct;153(4):570-4 PMID: 18534215
Children < 5 yr with fever 7.2% defined as UTI/PNA/bacteremia

BMJ. 2010 Apr 20;340:c1594. doi: 10.1136/bmj.c1594 PMID: 20406860

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The sensitivity and specificity of findings for Serious Bacterial Infection are listed below. See the left navigation bar to change the display.

Pre-Test Probability (Prevalence): %. Post-Test Probability (Predictive Value): %. Switch to display mode.
**Note that calculating probabilities from more than one finding is inherently inaccurate because findings are not independent. (For example, using two positive findings that share a common pathogenesis is likely to overestimate the true probability.)
Specific Findings
FindingResult SensitivitySpecificity
[ + ] Clinical diagnosis + 0 - 50%90%
Poorly Diagnostic Findings
FindingResult SensitivitySpecificity
[ + ] Elevated CRP + 0 - 77%79%