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Poorly Diagnostic Findings

Neurocardiogenic Syncope: Sensitivity and Specificity

Introduction: None written.

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Tags: Cardiac Problem Neurologic Tag this Diagnosis.

Differential Diagnoses include: Syncope


Population / CalculatorPrevalence Comments / Study / Link
Patients with syncope 33% J Am Coll Cardiol 2001 Jun 1;37(7):1921-8. PMID 11401133
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The sensitivity and specificity of findings for Neurocardiogenic Syncope are listed below. See the left navigation bar to change the display.

Poorly Diagnostic Findings

Finding SensitivitySpecificity Comments, Study
Tilt Table Test Edit 75%55%

resulting in syncope after isoproterenol administration

Differential Diagnosis: Syncope

Study: Ann Intern Med 1992 Mar 1;116(5):358-63. PMID 1736767