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Poorly Diagnostic Findings

Findings With Unspecified Accuracy

Cirrhosis: Sensitivity and Specificity

Introduction: Irreversible chronic liver disease (insufficiency). Commonly caused by viral hepatitis (see HBV and HCV) or alcohol (see Alcoholism). See also Hepatic Encephalopathy.

For diagnostic signs, this provides a great review:

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The sensitivity and specificity of findings for Cirrhosis are listed below. See the left navigation bar to change the display.

Poorly Diagnostic Findings

Finding SensitivitySpecificity Comments, Study
Jaundice Edit 78%69%

by clinical observation, for serum bilirubin >=3.0mg/dl.

Another study found sensitivity of only 68% for serum bilirubin >=2.5mg/dl.

Study: Acad Emerg Med. 2000 Feb;7(2):146-56. PMID: 10691073

Mil Med. 1997 Aug;162(8):560-3. PMID: 9271910

Gynecomastia Edit Sensitivity = 44%

obviously for male patients only. Specificity not assessed.

Study: Arch Intern Med. 1990 Mar;150(3):563-5. PMID: 2310274

Spider Angiomata Edit Sensitivity = 33%

50% prevalence in alcoholic cirrhosis vs 27% in non-alcoholic cirrhosis. Obviously they are not specific (since many occur with age or other hyper-estrogenic states in women), but this study did not address that question.

Study: Scand J Gastroenterol. 1999 May;34(5):520-3. PMID: 10423070

Findings With Unspecified Accuracy

Finding SensitivitySpecificity Comments, Study
Ascites Edit No accuracy specified.

see Ascites for diagnostic tests of ascites.

Study: no study specified.

Asterixis Edit No accuracy specified.

Study: no study specified.