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Good Positive and Negative Likelihood Ratios

CNS Toxoplasmosis: Likelihood Ratios

Introduction: Infection of the brain parenchyma by Toxoplasma, almost exclusively seen in HIV/AIDS patients. Often presents as a ring-enhancing lesion.

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Tags: Infection Neurologic Tag this Diagnosis.

Differential Diagnoses include: Lymphoma, CNS

The likelihood ratios of findings for CNS Toxoplasmosis are listed below. See the left navigation bar to change the display.

Good Positive and Negative Likelihood Ratios

Finding +LR-LR Comments, Study
Thallium-201 SPECT Edit 100

However, an abstract found that thallium overdiagnoses lymphoma (5/8 patients thought to have toxoplasmosis by Thallium were found to have lymphoma by PET/CT).

Differential Diagnosis: Lymphoma, CNS

Study: J Nucl Med. 1996 Jul;37(7):1150-4. PMID: 8965186

J Nucl Med. 2006; 47 (Supplement 1):303P

PET/CT scan Edit inf0.1

in patients with HIV, versus CNS lymphoma

Differential Diagnosis: Lymphoma, CNS

Study: Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2013 Sep;40(9):1420-7. PMID: 23685752